Plan the ideal corporate beach event in Key West

Corporate events, say marketing experts, are the key to fortune and success in many companies, allowing them to establish a closer and familiar relationship with both their customers and their collaborators, creating a conducive environment for new ones to emerge Businesses or strengthen existing ones, solidifying and strengthening relationships with customers.

Much of the success in organizing a corporate event depends on where it takes place, as we saw in the previous article titled ideal locations to celebrate a great corporate event, depending on the nature of the event there will be a place for each one from them. In the case of corporate beach events are recommended for parties and celebrations with employees or to present brands and products related to the beach theme.

Why is Key West the ideal place?

When you want to hold an event on the beach, you most likely want to find a place that provides all the comforts and besides that has the most beautiful landscapes, and if that site is also easily accessible for all guests, very much best. Key West has all that and more. In Key West you will not only find beautiful beaches with enchanting landscapes, there are also a lot of hotels with lounges that provide all the comforts so that you can make in them the ideal corporate event that allows all the guests to enjoy your hospitality and appreciate what You have to introduce them.

The key to making your event perfect

There is no magic trick to ensure that your event is a success, however, to the extent that you care to take good care of each detail, you will be getting closer to the goal of an event whose return to the Investment is fully guaranteed. Previously we explain that things like choosing the right place, offering the correct and sufficient meals and snacks and guaranteeing that the drinks last everything that lasts your event, will be elements that will help you in great As long as your event does not fail.

Another key is to take good care of your guests feel well taken care of, for them you must worry because they feel that you are attending them personally and that they feel involved in the event, as if they were part of it from their organization itself. To do this, try to approach each one of them, at least to welcome them and dismiss them to thank them for having attended. Give them also the opportunity to get their opinion on the event, and receive their recommendations for upcoming opportunities. Then, try to reinforce those things that you said were positive and correct those that were not so welcome, that way your next event will far exceed the previous one.

The drinks of the event

Although we made a brief mention on this subject, drinks in every event are of utmost importance, so it is very important to emphasize that you must have the right drinks. In the previous article titled What drinks can you serve in your corporate events? We gave you some recommendations regarding the variety of them and what is recommended according to the type of event, always remembering that the indispensable drink is water.

Calculating the amount of drinks required is not so difficult if you have well defined things like the amount of guests and the duration of the event, in that sense you should aim for at least 3 rounds of drinks for each hour of duration. Always have a reserve for unforeseen events, remember that it is preferable that at the end of the event you have some drinks and not that you are left with nothing in the middle of the event.

The event on the beach is a novel idea

This idea of doing your corporate event on the beach will be very attractive, as corporate beach events are the least common. This you can use as a point in your favor, combining very well all the elements that we have mentioned above, so you will not only attract the attention of your guests as always, but also you will achieve that those who attend very little your events or that Have never gone to one, look for the way to open a space in their agendas to attend on that opportunity.

Finally remember that the most important thing in your corporate event is that both you and your guests can enjoy it to the fullest and, especially if it is an event with the company’s employees, that you can foster the relationship of familiarity between They and when they are customers, they can feel part of your team.

What do you think about this topic? Would you like to host a corporate beach event in Key West?

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