5 wedding themes that are trend in Florida

When a couple is thinking about getting married, one of the first things they begin to imagine is how the hall of their party will look. In the case of the bride she will also imagine her dress, the flowers, the bridesmaids, the appetizers, the invitations and all the pile of things associated with the celebration of her wedding. If the couple has particular tastes, surely they will also think about the theme or style that they want to give to their wedding.

In this article we want to give you 5 ideas on wedding themes that are being used in Florida, not just themes but fashions that are seen in all wedding celebrations. But remember that as we mentioned in the previous article entitled fashion in the decoration of weddings, it is not all about making things that are fashionable or using the color of fashion, because the most important thing when it comes to designing a decoration is give highlight the personality of the couple.

Weddings with cash bars

Money bars are a trend, not only in Florida, but throughout the United States, because it helps a lot to sustain the expenses that the wedding brings, although some couples consider it in bad taste, some people prefer to simply place a safe decorated for them to place envelopes with gifts in cash. This trend is popularly known as “cash bar” and means for guests “no free drinks”.

The trend of money bars in weddings has become popular precisely because of the theme that allows the couple to save a lot on everything that involves the expense of the wedding, the simple fact of saving everything from drinks is a great economic relief, with that they reduce a little your budget or they can use the money in other things like gifts of thanks for their guests. It is about that the guests can contribute with the call “free bar” of drinks, where each one pays exactly what consumes and with that it avoids the expense to the fiancees.

Ecological weddings: using greenery and recycled materials

If you are organizing your wedding you can think of using things that have served you other celebrations or use biodegradable elements for decoration, which is usually much cheaper than using other materials such as metals or acrylics in your decoration. This is what is known as the so-called “green weddings” that fall within the environmental culture that has been awakened in recent years.

In the previous article entitled Weddings in Florida: Greenery – new fashion color, we saw how this color has been defined by Pantone as the most current for weddings this year, that is why it is not enough to use it in your Ecological decoration, will go very well with the subject and of course, you can include a lot of foliage that is cheaper than the flowers themselves, with a touch of good taste you will make it look fabulous.

Jamaican style decoration

It is not exactly the best trend, however it is being so used from the legalization of marijuana in some states of the United States, (which also came into effect from 2016 in the state of Florida for its consumption medicine), That gained a place in this top 5 of tendencies and thematic ones, of there is that these so-called “wedding canábicas” appear.

It is no secret that there are many people who are addicted to the consumption of this herb, which has a variety of presentations that go beyond just smoking, and this is precisely what is seen in this type of wedding, details such as little ponchos or Cookies made with grass or decoration based on the green, yellow and red colors that usually represent it, and even include the plant leaf as stamped on tablecloths or napkins, the most daring brides wear bandanas or henna luciendola tattoos.

The Pinup photos: wearing those long legs

Although it is not just a style of decoration, if you want you can incorporate details of the 1920’s style Charleston, but not only this, the really remarkable of this fashion (for the particular) is that both the bride and her Bridesmaids take pictures lifting their dress, letting them see the back of their underwear.

We call them pinup photos in memoirs of those famous dolls that were painted during World War II and accompanied the soldiers in the war, both in postcards in their cabins and in the noses of their planes, where it became a tradition and even a artwork. They used to be images of voluptuous women in which the most prominent were the long legs, hence we associate them with this type of photography where the bride not only lets her underwear look but also her legs, as do her honor ladies.

Beach weddings: the trend that never diez

Beach weddings do not have anything extravagant in themselves, you can say they are rather traditional, especially in Florida where there are beautiful beaches that are the ideal setting for a wedding, as we saw in the previous article entitled 6 tips for a party on the beach, where we highlight the beautiful sunsets of this cities like Marathon or Key West, and how to choose it as a place for your wedding the bride and groom will have those wonderful photos of memories with which they always dream.

Organizing a wedding on the beach is not as complicated as it seems, as far as the decoration is always tended to look for simplicity, because the place itself becomes the best decoration as the blue of the sea and the surrounding tropical vegetation will wear Wonderful However it is always advisable to have a dance floor with floor, to make it easier for the guests to dance and do not forget to give them as a reminder beach shoes, sure that every time they return to the beach and use it, they will remember your wedding.

Our final recommendation

At the end of all this, remember that your wedding day is a unique and unrepeatable day (or at least that is what you want) and therefore the most important thing, before the details of the decoration or the theme you choose, Is that you can enjoy the most of that day, so we always recommend that you have a good event organization that can help you with all the details of the decoration, catering and attention of the guests, then you will not worry For nothing more than to indicate to them from the beginning of the planning what is exactly what you need and then only you will be left to enjoy your dream wedding.

What do you think about this topic? Would you like any of these themes for your wedding?

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