7 Tips for your little ones to have fun with the bounce in Florida

The use of bounce or inflatable games has become a trend in children’s parties, as it is a very fun element for the little ones and a game that the big ones guarantees that their children will be safe, that is why today we want Give you some facts you can take into account when deciding to use inflatable games in your children’s party.

Get them in the right place

Nowadays it is very easy to get inflatable games, almost anywhere they rent them, but not all places guarantee the presence of professionals who know well the handling and the safety that must be had at the time of installation of the inflatable, remember That in all children’s party the safety of children is paramount.

In the previous article titled Bounce on children’s party: 7 Safety Tips for Parents we mention that when it comes to renting one of these games you should avoid inexperienced people and look for those who offer you a guarantee of their services and accompaniment in the process Installation and dismantling of the equipment, as well as guaranteeing the proper functioning of the equipment that you are renting, so that you can rest assured that your children will be safe.

Installation is very important

Installing the inflatable game is a task that may seem simple, however not everyone can do it correctly. At the time of installing there are certain measures that must be taken to prevent accidents, among them take good care that the place where it is to be placed is clear, flat and there are no branches of trees that could prick it and cause its possible damage, When deflated.

You can use other types of attractions along with the Bounce

Not only is it to install the Bounce and leave the small ones on your account, you can also perform other activities such as magic shows , Fantasy make-up, guided games, or you can contract a clown (or more, if you want), among others that will ensure that the children have fun during the whole party and want to stay to continue playing.

Ensure the hydration

In the bounce the children will be jumping and jumping throughout the party, so it is very important that you have enough drinks to keep them well hydrated. In the previous article titled the best drinks for your children’s party, we gave you some recommendations such as avoiding soft drinks and choose instead for natural juices, we have also recommended that you always have enough water to offer them, you can do it in glasses Decorated according to the theme of the party and sure to love it.

The supervision and accompaniment of adults at all times

Children are children and although inflatable games are really safe to give them total freedom, it is very important that parents are aware of everything that happens, because among children there can always be someone who pushes another and causes a fall Which could cause injuries (to a greater or lesser extent) to some child, so it is very important to be alert at all times.

Choose the game according to the theme of the party

Inflatable games do not have to be just a castle of colors or a jumping, you can ask the company to rent it for the theme you have chosen for your children’s party. In that case, your little one will enjoy much more and can play to recreate fantasies in the castles of the Disney princesses or to catch villains in the labyrinths of their favorite heroes, you just have to ask your company of confidence the Bounce that you like.

Remember that it’s not all about snacks, but if they are very important

At a children’s party the snacks and refreshments that you offer children are very important, previously we gave you some recommendations that can serve you for a children’s party such as small sandwiches or the sausages. If you want you can also offer hot dogs or hamburgers, and that will depend on what you have in mind for your party.

Remember that one of the safety rules when using inflatable games is that children should not go up with food, so be very careful that when sharing the snacks consume them in another place other than in the Play, as this could not only get dirty and cause others to get dirty as well, but could become sticky or slippery, which would make children more likely to fall or accidents.

What do you think about this topic? Do you need a bounce for your children’s party in Florida?

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