How to choose the best florist for your wedding?

Planning a wedding is not a simple task, much less when it comes to a couple whose tastes are very exquisite and demanding, in that case you must take good care of every detail, even the simplest and if there is a detail that is not missing In no wedding are the flowers. Choosing the ideal person to make the arrangements plays a fundamental role in having a wonderful decoration that is worthy of being remembered. In this article we want to give you some recommendations to make sure that the florist you have chosen to take care of the delicate task of making the floral arrangements of your wedding, the person needs, the one who will fulfill your wishes and make your Dream of a perfect wedding.

It’s not all about fashion

Tendencies and colors happen to the second plane when the couple has very specific tastes, since the most important thing when it comes to making all the decoration is that it represents them and That he can tell a story to his guests, so that they feel involved as part of the celebration. That’s why the florist you went to see told you that the flowers are fashionable gardenias but you like tulips more and he still insists on placing gardenias, that will be a clear sign that he is not the right person , It is better that you look for one that can listen to you and put together an arrangement that looks beautiful and modern with the flowers that you like and not those he wants to impose.

Have several alternatives

In the variety is the pleasure, they say there, that is why you should not go with the first florist you find or recommend you, better search several alternatives and see the proposals of each one, make your budget also with them and finally, See the affinity you achieve with the person, many times the choice will be a matter of instinct, so that person inspires you.

Precisely this to have several options will allow you to handle the budget better, if you have a very tight, you can choose the one that offers you the most economical service, but be very careful with that because the fact that it is cheaper means That is the option that you must choose, therefore you must first look at the quality of the service. It is preferable that you put less arrangements to put many that will not look good during the entire ceremony.

Greenery at the Forefront

While it is true that it is not all about fashion in the choice of decoration, it is also true that it is not enough to incorporate elements that go according to trends, as long as they do not go beyond the theme you have already chosen and do not Break with the style you wanted to give your wedding. In the previous article titled weddings in florida: greenery the new fashion color we mentioned that pantone has indicated that during this year the color that is fashionable in the celebrations of weddings is the greenery, so you can ask your florist that you Advise on how to incorporate it into the floral arrangements so that they look wonderful and fashionable.

Ask all the questions you think are necessary

When you choose your ideal florist do not leave with any doubt, this will also be an important aspect when making the final decision. As we said before, it is better to have several options and each one of them you have to ask all the questions you consider necessary and speak clearly about what you want.

Finally it is very important that you see things like the date of the wedding and its availability, the flowers that you would like it to use, the place where you will make your wedding, if you know it or if you have some suggestions, you should know what things are included in the budget That you give, if they are only the flowers or also the decorative elements or if you must rent them separately. All these aspects and the affinity that you manage to generate with the florist will be what lead you to make the right decision.

Prefers the help of professionals

If you are really looking for something that looks wonderful and is memorable then you’d better look for a florist with experience in different wedding decoration jobs. Ask him to show you pictures of his previous works or give you references about the styles he usually uses. Finally, if you consider that you do not have enough time to take care of each of these details, there is always the wonderful figure of the wedding planner, that person who will help you with all those little details that you suddenly have not noticed because you are very aware of more things Important as the dress or the honeymoon. If it is not a wedding planner you can hire a company that organizes events that will help you with all the decoration and organization of your wedding celebration.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any other recommendations for choosing your wedding florist?

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