What gift to present in a baby shower?

Your friend is pregnant, you just find out, you rejoice for her, you congratulate her and celebrate the joy of the arrival of a new member to your home, but as the months pass you get the little card with the invitation that says ” I invite you to my baby shower “and you begin to ask yourself the question:” What gift can I give you? “. This question has thousands of answers, but not all are the most accurate, so in this article we want to guide you a little about the best you can give the future mom and that is in accordance with your budget.

Useful gifts for a lifetime

There are things you can give away that will surely last for most of your life (or at least a lot of time), but they are not always the cheapest things, for example, you could give away a drawer or weekly to store clothes, or something similar A closet or a closet, and that will surely last a long time, you can even use it when you are older.

Another thing that you can give away and that will serve you for a lifetime is a crib bed, they are perfect because you simply have to change the mattress when the child is already bigger and will become a single bed that you can use until you are older. The same is true when you give away these types of storage boxes (obviously you will not only give the box) in which you can store all your stuff for as long as necessary.

Useful gifts for high budgets

Other things that are very useful for the future mom and that you can give her, if your budget allows, are the car, the crib or corral, the chair for the car, rocking chair for the baby, electric milk extractor, Of different sizes, electric sterilizer for the implements of the baby, bathtub or tub for its hot baths, porta porta or kangaroo to load it, bassinet or basket, etc. All these are things that are very useful, although a little expensive, but surely the future mom will thank you always because they are things that she, so do not give them, you must buy before your baby is born.

Within this type of thing can not miss the most modern as the monitors for the baby’s room, both those are as walkie talkies as those that are simply placed under the child’s mattress and give a certain inclination that prevents colic, additionally They send you an alert that indicates when there are movements, they are very sensitive so the mom can be sure that she will notice any anomaly immediately.

Really necessary and useful gifts

Previously we saw how clever teteros and pacifiers to measure baby’s body temperature occupy the first places among the things that can be given to the future mother and that they will really be Useful, but also keep in mind the list of gifts that she usually does and choose from there something that suits your budget.

There are also useful gifts that are only for the mother, such as the nursing donor, the pajamas for use in the hospital, slippers, a maternal pillow (they are really useful, especially in the last months of pregnancy). Too we saw as a spa session or a day of hairdressing and beauty can be very relaxing and very useful for her, you will very much appreciate it. Also we saw how the clothes is not always highly recommended, because each mother has her own tastes and knows how she wants to look during her pregnancy.

Really indispensable gifts

There are those who prefer to give away things that they know will really need both the baby and the mother and with this, relieve some of the expenses involved in the birth of a child. In this list the first places are occupied by diapers, for it are the already famous “cakes of diapers” which is a very nice way to present this gift, making a tower with diapers rolled into a cake, decorated with ribbons.

Inside this group of gifts also enter things like infant formulas and basic medicines for fever and colds, as well as the personal grooming kit for the baby, anti-diaper creams, Vaseline, towels, thermometers (if they are digital much better) , Special soaps, cereals, etc. You can not miss the clothes, it is usually better to give clothes for several stages: 0 to 3 months, 3 to 6 and 6 to 9, as babies grow very fast and if you do not give in “big” sizes will lose fast . Make sure that the sets you give are not very common, as there is a tendency to repeated gifts in the baby shower that is usually uncomfortable for the mother.

Low-budget but meaningful gifts

Not everything has to be to spend a great amount of money to give a nice gift that the mother appreciates, for example, in the case of the relatives there will be things that will be valued much like the outfit for leaving the hospital that can be the same as Used the dad or even the mom, will be a beautiful and meaningful detail that surely the future mom will value very much.

There are things that can work but must have very good conditions, such as a blanket from a close relative, a chain for the baby that has belonged to the family for a long time, a basket or the like, as long as they are very well preserved and do not Look like you give it to get out of step, will be fine. Keep in mind that these types of gifts are most valued when given between family or very intimate friends, otherwise they may be taken as tasteless.

Gifts for the party

If you still have doubts, inside the things that you can give away are the details for the baby shower itself, in this case you must agree with the mother (or with whom you are organizing the baby shower) and contribute with some things that are needed. Ideally, you could contribute to the decoration, taking into account the recommendations we have given you in the previous article on fashion in the decoration of baby showers, where we emphasize the importance of reflecting the personality of the future mother , Take into account your opinions and what she dreams for her baby, so you will feel completely identified with what is done at the party.

Also a very useful contribution would be to bring the snacks and drinks, you can take references of what we talked about in the previous article entitled the best drinks for your children’s party, because a baby shower is like a children party, where we explain the fact that snacks and food can go Together in the celebration (whenever your budget allows it) or if not, only with offering some snacks in 3 or 4 rounds, depending on the duration of the party will be more than enough. Equally, there is a lot of emphasis on avoiding alcoholic beverages because the mother can not consume them, so it is best not to offer them.

Gifts that the baby will thank when it’s bigger

Baby toys are always the center of every baby shower, but it is not just rattles and mobiles, if you can give away things that work in different stages such as walkers or musical gyms that can adapt as the child Growing up, he’ll thank you for sure. There are also things like the little musical cups to learn to go to the bathroom, storybooks, blackboards and the like that kids love.

Another thing they usually give away are stuffed animals, they are not at all useful but they are very beautiful and the children love them, so they can keep them for a very long time. Make sure that if you give a teddy this is hypo allergenic, to avoid that the baby is affected in the future, the nice thing is that the stuffed animals can accompany him in his bed while he sleeps.

What do you think about this topic? Are the recommendations you give the gift at the next baby shower you attend?

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