5 Famous baby showers you’ll never forget

When it comes to the party to welcome a new member of the family moms do not want to be left behind and some want to make great celebrations that stay in the memory of all their friends. The case of famous moms is no exception, only they have it a little easier because their fame helps them.

In this article we want to talk to you, not trends or fashions or styles, but rather personality, because if there is something that stands out in each of the baby showers that we will name you is the personality that the mother knew how to print so that your Party out great and managed to enter this top 5 of the best baby shower of the famous.

Beyoncé African Baby Showe

This famous singer chose, together with her husband, to have a party with an ethnic touch in which earth colors were predominant. The guests were notified of the theme so that they could also wear African outfits for the occasion. Above all, she emphasized in this celebration the beautiful tribal tattoo that Beyoncé wore on her tummy (not so small, by the way), which complemented her completely African outfit composed of a broad-bodied ivory skirt, a light colored top that It revealed its belly in all its splendor. He knew how to combine with great accessories like bracelets and earrings and a headdress that completed the style.

Tiffanny’s breakfast from Kourtnie Kardashian

The Kardashian sisters are known for their eccentricities, however for the baby shower Kourtnie were a little more modest (only as to the theme they chose, as the expenses did not skimp a bit), when choosing breakfast with diamonds, The famous Audrey Hepburn movie. In this celebration did not miss the champagne glasses, the cupcakes and the orange juice and of course there was also a luxurious brunch offered by the Kardashian.

The very dedicated and proud aunts Kim, Khloe and Kilie were in charge of organizing for the welcome of the third son of Kourtnie a party full of glamor, style and good taste, which was amply grateful for the future mother, who did not stop expressing to Through his social networks how pleased he was with that beautiful gift his sisters had given him.

A fairy tale in the enchanted style of Alyssa Milano

Everyone remembers this actress for her participation in the television series haunted, she was mother for the second time at 41 years of age and wanted to celebrate her baby shower with a beautiful garden party attended by her friends wearing natural flower wreaths , A whole festival of the forest fairy to receive Elizabella.

The touch of personality that imposed on Alissa to her baby shower was that instead of the typical girnaldas she preferred to place baby bodys painted by hand, as part of the decoration of the place. Also, although the most common is that the baby shower only attend women, Alissa wanted to share this celebration with her eldest son and her husband, who, like her, wore allusive attire to nature.

A very big baby: Thalía

Thalía as always wanted to be very flashy in her baby shower and went out dressing like a giant baby wearing a huge diaper (maxi diaper), a baby cap and an immense bottle while the mariachis who could not miss in the celebration of this Mexican touched the Pace of their favorite rancheras.

Thalía’s wedding with Tommy Motola is quoted in our previous article entitled 5 weddings that made history, because this special couple wanted to give themselves more than once, for which Thalía, always a bit extravagant, wanted to have 3 wedding dresses Different, being the most luxurious one that used in the main ceremony in New York. Your baby shower could not be very different in terms of eccentricity.

A gesture of goodwill: Shakira’s baby shower

The Colombian Shakira already has two beautiful children with her partner Gerald Piqué. The case of his small Milan (the mayor) was a completely mediatic event, so for the second the couple wanted to involve their audience by organizing a virtual baby shower in which both the singer’s fans and the fans of the player could participate.

The most beautiful thing and the personal touch that Shakira gave her is that, as UNICEF’s goodwill ambassador, her baby shower helped to buy small batches of vaccines, weight scales and therapeutic feeding for the world’s most disadvantaged babies, In this way all the gifts that received the couple in a virtual way were to give children who really needed it, which was a beautiful gesture of solidarity and goodwill of this couple.

What do you think about this topic? Would you like your baby shower could also be remembered by everyone?

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Image by Fgodutchbaby from Flickr.com under creative commons license.

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