Fashion in the baby shower decoration

When it comes to style, fashion and decoration, many future moms want to be at the forefront to organize their little ones’ welcome party, and most of them always look for references in magazines and on the web about the latest in fashion to decorate the Where they will hold the party for their little baby.

Already in the previous article titled baby shower decoration trends for this 2017 we will speak a little of the subjects that are in fashion this year and the colors that are being used more like the marine blue and the metallic colors like the copper or the silver , We also mention styles like farm style and we also talk about the trend of incorporating acrylic elements into the decoration.

The personal touch

Despite all of the above, in this article we want to go a little beyond what are the colors and themes that are fashionable and focus a little more on what is the style and personality of the future mother, because in order Of accounts she and her baby are the protagonists of the celebration and therefore must be about them.

It is very important for the mother to be involved in each of the decisions made at the time of organizing the baby shower, so that she will feel at ease with everything that is done (despite the fact that pregnant women in the majority Of cases it is difficult to be satisfied with something) and you will feel an important part of the party of your little baby.

The outdoor party

If the conditions are given and you have the right place, a very good option is to perform the outdoor baby shower,it is very important to take care the details like the time of the event, the precise place where it is going to be made, the number of guests, the menu that will be offered and that drinks are not missing, if you take all these aspects into account, a baby shower in the air free will be beautiful.

The baby shower on the beach

We have also spoken before of those moms who love the sea and who, sadly, during most of their pregnancy have not been able to enjoy it, however, at the time of the last weeks, when the date of the baby Shower is the perfect time to get back to enjoy the sea, the sun and the sand, without risking your health and that of your baby.

In the previous article titled ideas for a cute beach baby shower in Key West, we saw how the personal touch is of vital importance as well, because the mother will feel more comfortable to the extent that the party represents her, and we also highlight the Importance of consulting with your obstetrician to be sure there is no medical contraindication that prevents you from participating in the fun beach games that can be organized.

The details in the decoration

There are moms who are in extreme detail and they like that each of the things they use in the decoration has a special meaning, because for them it is very important that everyone knows their joy and the love with which they prepare for the big day In which your baby reaches the world, then they look for the best themes for her parties, the best drinks, games and all the small things that compose a beautiful baby shower.

Many moms like to take photo sessions with their big belly and it is very nice that the baby shower can be decorated with the same motif that they used for their photo shoot, where we highlight the fact that moms always look for a reason that is special to them when it comes to taking the photos, and that same reason will make the party have that touch of magic that they will like.

Fashion in the decoration of the baby shower

What we can conclude from all this is that it is not so important the color that is being used more in the moment or thematic that is trend, the really important thing is to be able to tell a story to the guests, the same we mention with respect to the weddings, where we saw the importance that has for the decorator to be able to tell the love story of the bride and groom and every detail of the wedding talk about them and can tell you to their guests who are, who dream and who expect of their union.

The same thing happens in the baby shower, the mother may not choose to use a traditional decoration or do not choose the navy blue that is fashionable but choose something more crazy as a caricature that she likes, video games or something else Tropical as a Caribbean baby shower, but ultimately you should try her and what she dreams for her baby. It could be the case of a mother who dreams that her son is an astronaut and will want to decorate everything with space and planetary themes, not only will she be very original, but will be herself and will be telling a story to her guests what is really important.

What do you think about this topic? Do you think that fashion is the most important when choosing the decoration of a baby shower?

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