What gift to present at a wedding?

When we are invited to a wedding there are several things we have to think about, surely in the case of women the first thing they think is what clothes they will wear and with which shoes they will go or what hairstyle will look better. On the contrary, the men will be thinking about what gift they should give to the happy couple, but their decisions are not always the right ones.

The repeated gifts

When a couple decides to marry and invite their friends, they usually do it thinking about sharing their joy with them and do not expect to receive anything in return, but it is inevitable that their relatives and friends want to give them something to have a happy beginning of that new home, however, it is almost impossible to avoid receiving repeated gifts, as most friends think of things necessary for the home that tend to fill the gift table.

Household appliances are the common denominator in wedding gifts, there is always someone to give the blender, the juicer, the toaster, the coffee maker, and how much artifact they think the couple could use in the kitchen. In some cases (almost always relatives) give away things like a refrigerator, a stove or a washing machine, something called the “white line.”

Gifts with emotional meaning

This is another type of gift that is not lacking in a wedding and especially the bride will receive, there will not be missing the mother or grandmother who wants to give her “the family ring” or “the necklace that grandmother used in her marriage” as symbol of good luck and desires that their union be maintained for many years, as well as that of the couple who is giving the gift.

In the case of the bride and groom, these gifts are less frequent, but when they are presented are things like dumbbells that are placed in the cuffs of the shirt and that are special because they belonged to the grandfather or his father. There are also other details that can receive as a clock of family tradition or some tread ties, in reality in these cases what is important is not the object they receive but the sentimental value it has for the person who is giving it.

Is the rain of envelopes part of the tradition?

Previously we looked at the important details that should not be omitted in the invitation card, such as the place and time of the religious ceremony (if any) and the place and time of the site where the reception will be made. We also saw that the invitation card is an anteroom to what will be the marriage, so it should be according to the theme you have chosen.

In the invitation cards lately, to avoid the theme of repeated gifts, the bride and groom put the phrase “rain of envelopes” or place a small envelope with money or some allusive phrase such as: “if something you want to give us, cash we will know to appreciate” or ” love is great but the suitcases do not, if something wants to give us a gift that fits in an envelope” this way they understand their guests who prefer the gift in cash.

Wedding lists

Another thing that has become very common are the so called wedding lists, some large chain stores allow the bride and groom to go visit them a reasonable time before the wedding and draw up a list of things they would like to have. At the time of sending the invitation the bride and groom tell their guests the place where they have made their wedding list and the guests can go to the store, check the list of the bride and groom and pay for some of the items they have chosen.

The wedding list is somewhat less uncomfortable than asking for the gift in cash and also helps avoid the tedious theme of repeated gifts, with which the couple ends up with 4 blenders, 3 coffee makers and 7 toasters, in many cases all of the the same make and model or the endless sets of sheets and duvets, all of the same design.

Recommendations to give the best gift

If you are not very close to the bride and groom then try to know their tastes well, some boyfriends are lovers of travel, so you could give them a trip (as long as it is within your financial possibilities) or, in any case, give them a nice game of suitcases. Whenever you know what hobbies have in common the bride and groom, you can give them a nice gift that you will surely love.

A simple tip that you can take into account when choosing the perfect gift, is to see the invitation, normally, as we mentioned, the invitation card talks about the theme of the wedding and, as we mentioned previously, the most important thing when it comes to decorating a wedding is that you can convey the personality of the bride and groom to the guests and tell a little of their history, so take advantage of that detail and if it is an exotic wedding , give them something that has to do with what they like.

The most eccentric gifts

In the wedding cases of people looking for sobriety and elegance in their wedding, as we saw in the previous article titled sobriety and elegance in the decoration of your wedding in Florida, where we discover that there are couples who prefer neutral colors and the most traditional decorations that do not involve getting out of it is “normal” at a wedding.

For these cases you should not give away things from the common as decorations, paintings or works of art, in this case you should choose more traditional things as a very elegant tableware or, as far as your economic possibilities allow, things like a set of very fine furniture or even a set of silver silverware will be perfect. Remember that when choosing this particular gift, you should keep in mind sobriety and elegance.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any suggestions for choosing the gift that should be given to the couple?

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