5 Weddings that made history

We always talk about the latest in fashion for weddings: colors for decoration, wedding dresses, decorations, styles, hairstyles, tendencies for snacks and drinks, but we have rarely talked to you about How the right combination of these elements can make your wedding something truly memorable and that can make history.

Below is a selection of five weddings that made history because they managed to find the perfect balance between all the elements that make it up, from the very moment of starting the process of organization, where even invitation cards are super important details, such as where we highlight the fact that the invitation is the gateway to what will be the celebration, because in its style will be shaped the type of party that you are planning to do, and we mentioned the trend of using virtual or electronic invitations, given the technological age.

The Royal Wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William

This wedding already mentioned above as one of the best examples of a grand wedding, so in the previous article titled Royal weddings: princes and princesses marrying in real life, we highlight it with the wedding of Lady Di (the mother of William) as one of the weddings Who has given more talk and more expectations has created among the public.

For their marriage Kate and William followed all the protocols that the royalty demands: they included a beautiful cake, many white flowers of different types in the decoration, nevertheless, for all the luxury and the sumptuousness that the marriage of the future kings implied, Kate used a simple bouquet of almost spring flowers, which speaks of her simplicity and her closeness to “real life.”

The wedding of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger: wedding out of series

Not everything has to be seen to the point in a marriage, and this is why the wedding of Avril and Char went down in history: they used black and pink as the main colors in the decoration, including Avril’s dress, Instead of being the classic white dress or ivory, was a black dress with details in pink. Surely Avril took into account aspects such as those mentioned previously, like that the most important thing when choosing the wedding dress is that it can highlight the personality of the girl and that Make her feel unique and special on the most important day of her life.

Audrey Hepburn and Mel Ferrer: A Wedding Without Diamonds

We all remember Audrey for her participation in the movie “Breakfast with Diamonds” (breakfast at Tiffany’s), where she always looks very elegant and that’s why she became a class icon, style and good taste. She did this on her wedding day too, wearing a beautiful high-necked dress and wide sleeves with a small waistband.

The hairstyle that Audrey chose for her own wedding was simple, with her hair pulled up and a small wreath of roses, did not look much like the one she used in the movie Breakfast with Diamonds, which, as we saw previously, is one of the styles most used today by brides, as it is a sign of elegance and distinction, also makes it much easier to wear the veil and highlights the face of the bride.

Liz Taylor and Eddie Fisher: When the eyes of the bride are the center of looks

Acclaimed actress Elizabeth Taylor (Liz Taylor), remembered for its great trajectory in Hollywood and its participation in films like Cleopatra, dazzling with its beauty to all the spectators. But if there is a characteristic that everyone remembers of her are their eyes of a rare violet that managed to impact by its beauty.

On her wedding day with Eddie Fisher, Liz wanted to highlight her best quality: her eyes. For this she used an emerald green dress and a veil in the style of odalisque that made her eyes were the center of all eyes. He also emphasized his passion for jewelry, not forgetting good taste of course, instead of using exaggerated accessories, only used a small necklace of brilliants that stood under the veil.

Thalía and Tommy Mottola said yes more than once

For this couple was not a unique night, because as Thalía herself said, she wanted to get married “a thousand times”. The main ceremony was held in New York, in St. Patrick’s Cathedral on the fifth avenue, and Thalia’s dress weighed about 70 kilos, embroidered with silver threads and decorated with rhinestones at different levels.

The cake of that night’s dinner was, nothing more and nothing less, than 14 floors and was about one and a half meters high. In addition, Thalía had three other dresses that she used in the civil ceremonies in Miami and Mexico, where they also said yes to family and friends. This is precisely one of the reasons why this wedding went down in history, because it was not just one night, it was 4 nights in which the couple declared eternal love again and again, and to this day continue to maintain That promise that they reaffirmed so vehemently.

What do you think about this topic? Would you like your wedding to be part of the most memorable wedding anniversary ever?

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