What drinks can you serve at your corporate events?

To organize a corporate event one of the most important things is the drinks, because all the attendees will want, at any time of the event, to have at their disposal something to quench the thirst or simply to have fun taking something nice, that is why it is so important Take good care of yourself with the drinks necessary for your events, whatever.

Necessary and almost indispensable drink

In any corporate event, whatever the type, water may be lacking, especially in the case of forums and workshops where all attendees have to participate and talk a lot, even in celebrations it is important to have water for those who are drinking a few drinks can lower the intensity of alcohol effects (although this is not recommended in large quantities). Then here is the first drink indispensable in any event: Water.

Choose according to the type of event

Each event has its own characteristics and therefore its own needs in terms of drinks, because, for example, you should not offer liquor at symposia or conferences, as the idea is to keep attendees as active and attentive as possible so that they can to capture the ideas of the lecturer.

Likewise, you can not only give sodas or juices in cocktail events, because the guests will be waiting in most cases to be able to take at least a couple of drinks, in these cases it is most convenient to evaluate in your list of guests you think they can be your preferences and have a variety that allows them to choose what they like.

Drinks for your company celebrations

If it is a party that you want to realize to celebrate anything (end of year, promotions, company anniversary, inaugurations, etc.) then you should evaluate the time you are going to make that party, the place, the climatic conditions and the characteristics of the party, because if your intention is that the guest also dance, then that will involve a different kind of drink.

In many corporate parties, especially in Latin countries, in the warm places at parties there is no shortage of beers, although this drink is not characterized by being very refined. You can also choose to offer cocktails, with the advantage that you can prepare them without alcohol too, so you will have options both for those who want to drink some drinks and for those who prefer not to drink.

In the variety is the pleasure

Try to have on hand a wide range of options in terms of drinks, so you can satisfy the tastes of all your guests. But remember that in the bar where you go to offer your drinks should never lack water, preferably bottled, so that everyone can take yours, with the safety of hygiene that is always very important.

Drinks can range from water, juice, soft drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails, low-alcohol cocktails, strong cocktails, to champagne or whiskey (they are always ideal in the celebrations you want to highlight the formality and elegance).

Hot drinks in your events

When your event is in the cold winter season, your guests will enjoy a lot if you offer them some hot drink, so you can think about having a variety of drinks of this type that go beyond a tea, a coffee or a chocolate and that can become a touch of elegance and distinction for your celebration.

A good example of a hot drink that will look very elegant in your corporate event is a brulot, that is a cocktail of black coffee with brandy, which is set on fire and allowed to burn a little to give it a flambé flavor. This cocktail is exquisite and very elegant, although you must be very careful as it has a high alcohol content.

You can also include, as a non-alcoholic option, a Chai Latte, which is the traditional tea Chai, but you add only half the water and the rest complement it with steamed milk and you can cover with sprinkled sugar to sweeten or add honey, depending on your tastes. It is ideal for events in the day or in the early afternoon.

Achieving Success Through Drinking

The success of any corporate event is a good organization, and a good organization undoubtedly includes a good quality in the drinks offered, and when we talk about quality, we do not just talk about being the most expensive drinks, we talking about the availability they have in the event and the variety with which the guests count to be able to select according to their preferences.

Obviously, it is also very important that you take care that you are offering the right amount of drinks, as it would be very bad taste that at the best moment of the event are over, this would speak very badly of the organization and would not bring your company the expected results. Remember that most corporate events are like a marketing campaign aimed at getting new customers or new investors. To avoid this inconvenience, in the article Everything you want to know about the drinks necessary for your events, we have a special section about how to calculate the necessary amount of drinks.

Finally, you can search the internet for some additional suggestions, but what we will always recommend is that if you’re not sure how to organize a corporate event to be successful, you’d better hire an expert in the field to help you, not only with the subject of the drinks, with the organization of the event in general.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any drinks suggestions for corporate events?

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