Everything you want to know about the drinks necessary for your events

When we organize a party there are many things that we should pay attention to: decoration, food, the list of guests and sometimes among so many things we leave aside drinks, without realizing that there are drinks that are necessary, even indispensable, in any event.

If you want to know what drink is necessary for any event, keep reading this article and we will give you some recommendations that you will surely love, from how many drinks you must have according to the number of guests, what type of drink to offer depending on the event, and more.

How to calculate the amount of drinks you need

It is always very important this point and sometimes it is better that you about a little and not that you lack the drinks and your guests do not go happy. However, there are some things you should always keep in mind and it is your budget, because if your budget does not give you to buy a lot of drinks then you better adjust to the following considerations:

  • Number of guests
  • Are there children among the guests? How many?
  • How many of the guests are men and how many are women
  • Guest beverage preferences: liquors, sodas, cocktails, etc.
  • The schedule of your event
  • The place, whether it will be in the open air or in a closed room
  • The way the drinks are served: will the same guests serve? Will you have waiters? Will there be a booth? Will the host serve them?

Cocktails: is it a good idea?

There are many beverage options that you can offer in any event, among them are the famous cocktails. Depending on the type of event you do, especially for parties of young people, or where you prefer that your guests do not pass drinks. You can prepare them without alcohol or just with a slight touch, that is one of the advantages they have, you can control the intensity of the alcoholic content they have.

So what drink is needed?

There is not a single drink that we can say that is magic and indispensable in your parties, what is really necessary is to have drinks in your events and that these are enough for all your guests.

However, keep in mind these basic (and even obvious) considerations:

  • You should not give liquor at children’s or underage parties
  • At adult parties, if you offer liquor you should always moderate consumption and also offer water.
  • When choosing cocktails, think about whether you will make them with alcohol or without alcohol, depending on the type of event.
  • Soft drinks are always necessary at children’s parties.
  • Corporate parties usually offer whiskey, wine or cocktails.
  • For parties of 15 years (or sweet 16, depending on your region) you can mix the three types of drinks (without alcohol, with little alcohol or liqueurs), as long as you are very attentive to what the children consume.


Finally, remember that if you are looking for the necessary drink for your event you must be clear that what is really necessary is the drink, regardless of the type. In the web you will find many recipes of cocktails without alcohol, soon we will give you our recommendations. Stay tuned to our blog.

What do you think about this topic? Do you have any suggestions on the most necessary drinks for the events?

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