Weddings in Florida: Greenery – New fashion color

The green means renewals and for the Pantone 2017 for spring – summer is the best tone that you could choose, especially for the season wedding in Florida Key West and Beach weddings that will make us sigh of love and many tenderness. The professional decorators are doing its best of bets to the Greenery, a color that is being dosed by a few touches of yellow and white to find the perfect harmony in the decoration.

Freshness for the day of your wedding

This decoration color for Beach weddings does not limit itself to a few colors, the spring it began growing green again already and the pink color stick, beige, and touches of lilac make to highlight the attributes of the Greenery: Do you already know that the decorators are geniuses of the color, don´t you? And the green is the best color you can offer to him a professional designer.

Beach weddings or lounge

The big news is that this color will be ideal for both ambiances. If your ceremony will be outdoors you will notice the spectacular thing that can show the green along with the whole furniture; equal it happens if your ceremony will be in a lounge, so many decoration elements exist that the green will be the protagonist of your wedding and your guests they will feel comfortable.

The Metallic colors continues in trend

The Greenery tints very well with the silver and golden color, if for what you look is a wedding in Florida Key West full of glamor, but with the last scream of the fashion, you can rely on with this versatile color; unless you want to throw yourself to the color Bronze and stand out over any wedding. The green and the glassware along with thin embroideries linen with metallic colors will give him the perfect touch for that you look.

Greenery in the wedding invitations

For being the central Wedding color in Florida, the Greenery in the invitations gives him a sensation of freshness and freedom to differences of the invitations with dark funds, since this color tends to use with target oyster, pearly target or beige lacquer with texture or smoothly. You have so many options that it will be a quandary to choose the final prototype of the invitation, but this is good, you will have the wedding of your sleep with the best period design.

The candles and the green

If you wish the tendency of the Greenery to be the central topic of your wedding, make use of the opportunity to include candles in the floral arrangements, some crystal pendants that blur the light and certain accounts silver-plated to stand out on the multitude and the arrangements be able to give a panorama in general of glamor, good style and very much luxury.

The flowers

The world of the florist’s shop can come to be as extensive as the botany itself, we will never go so far as to know all the types of vegetation that have the planet. Fortunately, in Florida we receive a world flowers distribution; it is for it, that the foliage will not be a problem of obtaining at the time of choosing the stated green that the Pantone suggests 2017 of this new period.

What do you think about this topic? Will you use the Greenery for your Wedding in Florida?

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 Photos: Flickr by Ryan Polei Creative with license Commons and Public Domain.

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