Engagement rings: Know the curious story

For all the girls who suspect that its boy they are on the point of proposing himself and Now you’re thinking about ‘wedding’, we are going to tell him that I half-close 5 curiosities to the engagement rings and pretty tradition is. Also, what is it the month where a major number of proposals registers, what debts to do at the moment of accepting the ring and that you must give in return. Also, we will report the history to you of how there was born this tradition that we know even nowadays.

5 things that you did not know about the engagement rings

1. – Why is the ring placed on the ring finger of the left hand. This question comes accompanied from a tradition inculcated by ancient civilizations. The reason for which we use the ring finger of the left hand to carry the engagement ring it stems from the belief that was had in a vein in the finger that gets connected with the heart is named a Vein Amoris.

2. – History of the Engagement Ring. Who initiated the tradition? One believes that it was in 1477, for an Archduke called Maximiliano de Austria, who professed its love giving to Maria Borgoña a golden ring with a diamond encrustation, like samples of its love. Nevertheless, according to studies, the Romans were giving to its wives rings.

3. – Why is always the ring round. It stems from the meaning of the circle; it is a course without end where it points out that the love that he feels for its fiancée is infinite. Its meaning is similar to the infinite sign, this way you should be the infinite feelings. Then we have a hoop that is a bearer of a precious stone and that is used in the left hand in the ring finger to point out that the girl is compromised.

4. – Of what material are the rings done. The tradition indicates that an engagement ring must be manufactured in white gold or yellow gold, but at present it exists new tendencies and has opened a way to him it was doing the platinum and the open one, which they are considered to be precious metals; also is the tungsten, is cheaper but it does not allow alloys or precious stones incrustation.

5. – What the traditional cut is for the precious stone of the engagement ring. It exists many cuts for the diamonds, the squares are, triangular, tear, oval and semi-oval, but for the engagement rings the tradition indicates that the cut must be around the princess’s typical cut. In 2010 a new tendency was born, a clean hoop does not behave already with the recluse diamond, but it can be adorned by a crown of brilliant and the hoop another line of brilliant, quartzes or silicon polished. They are really beautiful; nevertheless, the color of the metal must be the traditional white or yellow gold.

What is it the month where more proposals are received?

They all believe that they will be able to see engagement rings flying in February; it is deduced by simple logic because it is the month of love, and nevertheless the jewelry shops reflect in its cancellation of tributes to the government like the month where more engagement rings sell, In December. They all commit themselves in this epoch or near to these days. According to a statistics Unveiled for a researcher dedicated to the world of wedding events in the United States, the average fiancé covers 4 daily jewelry shops and details about 27 rings for visit in a period of 3 months: amazing, right? And we believing that they walk confused by the life.

What to do after accepting the ring?

This is the second part of the tradition on that nobody comments; in general, on having accepted the engagement ring as an answer, the fiancée must give to its fiancé a clock. The matter of the ring is alone with the girl, but now, if the girl is truly surprised by an unexpected commitment, it begins to cover in a little time an immense quantity of jewelry shops to find the ideal clock for its fiancé.

Why a Diamond? Where from does this tradition come?

Although they exist an infinity of precious stones and semi-beautiful, the diamonds have a special characteristic. The diamonds are for the whole life: oh wait! This is a Beers slogan if that is true. Although you do not believe it, that thing about to give the engagement ring with a diamond imposed it this company in 1947, opening marketing campaign without precedents and, up to the today sun, the commitments is celebrated by a golden ring with a diamond.

After the second world war, the depression and the starting of the Plan Marshall, the economic one of the United States bloomed, skylight but it was not doing the diamonds, it is for it that, the company Beers, it started all its advertising machinery up to creating this new tradition; them the same it happens with the fiancées’ garments, but this another article that we prepare for you.

What do you think about this topic? Are you already prepared for the big step?

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