Things you should know if you plan a corporate event

In the life we have many roles, perhaps the next challenge it is if your boss asks you to organize the event which will bring together all your colleagues and bosses, where all the criticism and praise will fall on you and depend on good planning to do. Do not worry here we’ll tell you what should be take into account in planning and aspects which are important events that bring a lot of people working together and exchange of ideas and proposals for the benefit of a company or society.

Is it true that the decor should be sober and boring?

Not quite, although it is an event with corporate and formal purpose you can play with a wide range of colors but are not colors that are generally used for public events if they give a touch of elegance to your decor. Generally in corporate events neutral colors and strong colors you choose, the latter are preferred by most event planners because they create an environment according to the purpose of the event, help create an environment productive, fruitful, prosperous and even superiority. It is imperative to know if your event has motivational purpose intended only to staff your company or if promotional in nature where the purpose is to attract a certain amount of people.

This calculation will depend on your budget.

As for the decor generally predominate formal details like bouquets, glass ornaments and less eccentric details without losing the elegance and style. In order to offer the best decorations are necessary to know the reason and purpose of the event, this will allow us to choose a thematic session according to the type, style and people attending. For example, if it comes to a party celebrating successes we can add balloons that represent joy and celebration preferably in maximum 2 raw hues and metallic colors, gold, silver and black colors.

If my promotional event is kind I offer menu or just some snacks?

We recommend that if you have limits on your budget and your event will receive a number of people who cannot count, offers only some snacks at key moments of your event, for example, 2 rounds of pasapalos a mid-morning and 2 rounds of pasapalos half late and you can leave a fixed stand with drinks. What you should not miss is a position or stand drinks for staff and guests hydrated during the day.

Otherwise, if the event is motivational directed only to staff working with you or your company, offer a rich menu if you have a large budget; this menu can be à la carte. In the event that the budget is reduced; handle choose one menu to offer and requested the opinion of someone else who is helping you with planning. You can also include, after the main meal a variety of sweets

Is it important to use technology in this type of corporate events?

Yes, it is extremely important that you present to this audience with current technological tools to give your event category. If you have scheduled any exhibitions and / or presentations to the beam audience using a Video Bean quality and performance, we recommend a Video Bean led, remember that you must have a good computer (laptop) and depending on the space a screen projection adequate size to space and the number of people who will be present, so the information goes from the first row to the last row of the audience. Supplementing with monitors at the ends of the place and the rest of the final outcome will depend on a good sound system.

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